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PiVerb School Buddy

Online Math Classes

Learn Math the right way!

Why Piverb School Buddy?

Why PiVerb

How would it be if you could learn math from the same teacher throughout your middle-school?

What if that teacher also taught you at home, and at your favourite times?

What if, further to this, the teacher turned out to be an IIT-IIM grad who loves teaching math.

Try out the course, it will be worth your while!

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How are we different?


We teach from first principles. We focus on the Why? and How?

How is PiVerb Different

Who Teaches?

Rajesh B

Hi I am Rajesh

Your Course Instructor

Rajesh completed his Electrical engineering from IIT Madras in 2001 and PGDM from IIM Bangalore in 2003. Post MBA, Rajesh worked with ITC and Irevna and Credit Suisse. Rajesh spent a few years as a banker in London before joining 2IIM as a director in 2010. And later founded PiVerb in 2016, to spread the beauty of math.

Know about Team

What does it Offer?

Detailed Concept Lectures

100+ Practice Tests

Detailed Analytics

How much does it cost?

3 months subscription

  • Full Access to Tests
  • Theory Video Lessons
  • Personalized Test Analytics
  • 3 Months Access
  • Email Support

12 months Access

  • Full Access to Tests
  • Theory Video Lessons
  • Personalized Test Analytics
  • 12 Months Access
  • Email Support

For School - 12 months

  • Full Access to Tests
  • Theory Video Lessons
  • Personalized Test Analytics
  • 12 Months Access
  • Phone & Email Support

Our Team

John Doe



Rajesh is an alumnus of IIT Madras and IIM Bangalore. iHe likes few things more than teaching Math and insists to this day that he is a better teacher than exam-taker.

Josh Clark



Baskar is a Mechanical Engineer from College of Engineering, Guindy, Class of 1991 and completed his PGDM from IIM Calcutta in 1994.

Mary Jane



Brake Design Engineer turned Teacher. Management grad from IIT Madras. Dreams, Coffee and Anime are my go to things.

Nix Maxwell



Ranjeetha is an engineer by profession. When we see a decent teacher, we do our bit to force them to handle classes for us.


Can I try out the course for free before I buy?
Yes, we encourage you to try some of our classes which can be accessed for free.
How do we get our doubts clarified ?
Doubt Clearing: In every class, on the right there is a tab called Discussion. You can click on the discussion tab and post your doubts there. We clear your doubts, usually within 48 hours. You can also see past doubts from the same question/lesson, and clarifications from Faculty members.
Are there any classroom-classes?
Classes are delivered to your child through any device with Internet access, PC/Laptop/Mac's/Android/iOS
Do you offer a discount?
No. We do not offer discounts for Individual Students. However, Schools taking up the course, will get it at a heavily discounted price. Yet another reason why your ward's School should take it up.
What is the difference between PiVerb School Buddy and Intuition-Builder?
School Buddy covers Math as it is taught in School. It is a supplement to daily Math. Intuition Builder helps push students out of their comfort zone and explore phenomenal ideas using Math as a toolkit.
Are there video solutions for all questions?
Yes. It is something that we take pride in. Every question that is available in the course is taught through videos, by a single Faculty, Rajesh Balasubramanian, IITM, IIMB.
Do you cover theory also?
Yes. We cover Theory by starting from the basics of every concept.
Syllabus for which board is followed – CBSE or State Board (Which state?) or Matriculation?
Ideas covered are standard and is based on NCERT as guidelines. However, All boards have similar ideas discussed through MATH, and the course can be customised to suit any board.
Why is it so inexpensive?
It is our way of Giving Back to the Society.